USP514: Mountain View links

Hey class! I’m still debating about whether to post this information as blog postings or as fixed web-pages. In any case, with the USP514 class number in the title, you should be able to find pages like this again easily.

On this page: links to some of the relevant parts of Mountain View’s own city website. In particular, archives of news events:

Should the City of Mountain View increase affordable housing fees on new development? Follow the links to view 44 comments on this question.

Affordable housing page. The idea of affordable housing in Silicon Valley might seem oxymoronic, but MV is trying.

Recycling and Zero Waste page from the Department of Public Works. Yep, we ran out of landfill space so now, household waste-streams can not longer be treated as ‘convenient externalities.’

California-Escuela-Shoreline complete streets project. This page also features many other ongoing city projects. Please scroll down to see them.

Multimodal design concepts for shoreline corridor. This press release gives info for public participation in a meeting about this plan.

Meeting agendas and minutes of City Council meetings.

Editions of The View, the local journal, dating back to 2012. (free PDFs)

Info about the Community Shuttle, a joint venture between MV City and Google.