Hello Urban Design team! I want you to think about what sorts of regulations we want to recommend for this new North Bayshore community. Mountain View’s General Plan 2030 and North Bayshore Precise Plan are great models of clear thinking and writing. But these are general policy documents. They stand in sharp contrast to the […]

Last week I briefly showed you what a first session in Quantum GIS looks like. Now I have revised the data to make it a little easier to start with. To begin, get to a place with a fast internet connection. Then download this 53-megabyte MV_GIS zipped archive. This time, I bundled all the shapefiles

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Throughout the semester we will find a slew of articles related to sustainable urban development. Here are a few. 1. The Food Justice discussion on Philosophy Talk, Feb 3, 2015. 2. “America’s Infrastructure Is Slowly Falling Apart.” Feb 2, 2015, Vice. We have enjoyed two generations as a “developed” country. But most of our hard

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