County tract maps, SVG format

September 20, 2014

In Week 5 we will continue to focus on using spreadsheets to analyze data and begin to use R.

However I think it may be hard, in some cases, to get a visual-spatial sense of what these census-tract numbers mean if you do not have an actual map of the census tracts for your county. So I have generated maps of each of the counties, sometimes at two different scales to show large and small tracts. I am posting them here for you to download. They are almost one megabyte each, which is no problem for a download but too big for an email attachment.

 Humboldt tracts Mendocino tracts  LakeCo tracts
 Marin_tracts Sonoma overall Sonoma central
 Napa tracts Sacramento overall Sacramento detail
Solano overall Solano central Solano southwest
Alameda_tracts ContraCosta tracts WestContra detail
San Joaquin tracts Stanislaus overall Stanislaus-central
SanFran overall SanFran NoEast
SanMateo overall SanMateo east detail
StaClara overall StaClara NW detail StaCruz_Tracts
Monterey overall Monterey NW detail
KernCo overall KernCo central Kern Center-North
SBernardino overall SBernardino_mid SBernardino SoCent
SanLuisO overall SBernardino SW
SanLuisO CtrNorth SanLuisO Center SanLuisO CtrSouth
 StaBarbara overall
 StaBarbara NW  StaBarbara ctrSouth  StaBarbara_SE
 Ventura overall  Ventura west  Ventura east
LosAngelesCo overall
LA_tracts_detail 01 LA_tracts detail 02 LA_tracts_detail 03
LA_tracts detail 04 LA_tracts detail 05 LA_tracts_detail 06
LA_tracts detail 07 LA_tracts detail 08 LA_tracts detail 09
RiversideCo overall
RiversideCo NW Riverside NorthCent Riverside NoMideast
RiversideCo SW  Riverside Middle Riverside MidSouth
OrangeCo overall OrangeCo North
OrangeCo West OrangeCo MidE OrangeCo SE
SanDiego overall
SanDiego farNW SanDiego ctrNW SanDiego ctrNorth
SanDiego SW SanDiego West  SanDiego NE

These files are all in Scalable Vector Graphics format. You can display/print these images in a web browser, most graphics programs, or a word document. You can also edit SVG graphics, most easily with Inkscape. I am assuming most of you will only use these as reference-maps to help you get a sense of where your tracts are located. So I am not requiring you to learn Inkscape, just letting you know that you have the option of editing these graphics in a free, open-source program similar to Adobe Illustrator.