Afghanistan Journal of Urban Planning

February 8, 2018: the current purpose of this page is to share thoughts on the structure of a new peer-reviewed academic research journal: the Afghanistan Journal of Urban Planning (AJUP).

Background: Since 2014, three urban planning programs have been established in Afghanistan: at Kabul Polytechnic University, Herat University, and Kabul University. This page is the starting point for establishing an online, peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Planning to support critical research in issues related to planning in particular, and the urban sector in general.

Languages: Dari, Pashto, English. All Abstracts must be in two languages: Pashto or Dari, and English.

Frequency: Quarterly, named by year (HS) and issue: 1397(1), 1397(2), 1397(3), 1397(4), 1398(1), etc.

– Front Matter (table of contents, statement of purpose and members, submission invitations, editorial remarks)
– Research Articles
– Book Reviews (usually English-language books reviewed in Dari)
– Documents (historical text which is hard to find online)
– Translations (English to Dari, Pashto to English, Dari to English)
– Promotions? (advertisements)

Membership: we believe AJUP should be distributed for free, but we also believe the core team should be paid. We therefore ask core users of AJUP to pay an annual membership fee (AFS1000?), and we may solicit advertising. We may also seek funding, from Afghan or foreign agencies as donors.

Themes: Research and Documentation in all of these areas is welcome.
– Planning History and Theory
– Planning Methods and Debates
– Geographic Information Systems, Data Policy
– Urban History, Cultural Identity, and Conservation
– Research Methods
– Sustainabilty: Infrastructure, Disaster Resilience, Environmental Policy
– Housing: Policy, Finance, Upgrading, and Transportation Planning
– Urban Economics and Development